Accepted Late Breaking Papers

List of Late Breaking Papers

  1. Anselmo C. Pontes and Charles Ofria : Digital Investigations on the Evolution of Prokaryote Photosynthesis Regulation
  2. Atsushi Masumori, Norihiro Maruyama, Narihiro Haneda and Takashi Ikegami : Building Cooperative Mobile Transport by Trust Relations
  3. Ben Jackson and Alastair Channon : Improving Evolutionary Bipedal Performance Through Selection Modifications
  4. Daichi Saito, Norihiro Maruyama, Yasuhiro Hashimoto and Takashi Ikegami : Analyzing interacting flocks in a large scale boid system
  5. Elizabeth Aston, Alastair Channon, Roman V. Belavkin, Danna Gifford, Rok Krašovec and Christopher G. Knight : Establishing critical mutation rates using single-peak models
  6. Geoff Nitschke and Olaf Witkowski : Superorganisms: Critical Dynamics between Competition and Cooperation
  7. Hemma Philamore : A Wind-Driven Design for Miniature Artificial Organisms, Inspired by Hydrozoans.
  8. Hiroaki Suzuki, Mamiko Tsugane, Fumiko Sunaga and Taiji Okano : Spontaneous encapsulation of genome-size DNA into lipid bilayer vesicles
  9. Iñaki Fernández Pérez, Pierre André, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Alain Berro and Hervé Luga : Dynamic Resource Allocation in Power Grids using Evolving Gene Regulatory Networks
  10. Jitka Čejková, Takashi Ikegami and František Štěpánek : Swarming droplets: Spatiotemporal arrangement of multiple interacting agents
  11. Kevin Godin-Dubois, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc and Yves Duthen : Studying the long term interactions between plants and their environment
  12. Lana Sinapayen and Takashi Ikegami : Can Predictive Coding Explain False Memories?
  13. Lauren Gillespie, Emily Dolson, Alexander Lalejini and Charles Ofria : Changing Environments Drive the Separation of Genes and Increased Evolvability in NK-Inspired Landscapes
  14. Macoto Kikuchi and Shintaro Nagata : Exploring the Fitness Landscape and Emergence of Mutational Robustness in Gene Regulatory Networks
  15. Martin Biehl, Christian Guckelsberger, Christoph Salge, Simón C. Smith and Daniel Polan : Expanding the Active Inference Landscape for Other Intrinsic Motivations
  16. Matthew Andres Moreno : Plasticity and Evolvability in a Gene Regulatory Network Model
  17. Matthew Dale, Julian F. Miller, Susan Stepney and Martin A. Trefzer : Characterising Unconventional Computers using Novelty Search
  18. Murat Erkurt : Emergence of Form in Embryogenesis
  19. Nedjma Djezzar, NourEddine Djedi, Iñaki Fernández Pérez and Yves Duthen : Digital Simulation of Bioluminescent Bacteria Cells Tweeting via Quorum-Sensing Molecules
  20. Olaf Witkowski : The Future of Collective Intelligence: Investigating the Impact of High-Dimensional Sphere Packing and Massively Multichannel Networks on the Evolution of Communication
  21. Oscar Chang and Hod Lipson : Learning A Generative Model For Neural Networks
  22. Ozan Kahramanoğulları and Martin M. Hanczyc : Scheduling Multi-armed Liquid Handling Robot Tasks by Exploiting Resource Sensitive Concurrency
  23. Ruei-Jr Wu and Michele Rucci : Predictive Dual Purkinje Image Eye tracker
  24. Sara Kalvala : Designing Artificial Biofilms
  25. Tatsuo Unemi : On the Effects of Homosexuality Allowance on Reproductive Success, Sexual Dimorphism, and Speciation by an Agent-based Simulation for Human Life As-It-Could-Be
  26. Vadim Bulitko, Kacy Doucet, John Simpson and Aaryn Flynn : A-life for Non-Playable Characters in Video Games
  27. Yuta Ogai and Yoshiya Mori : Acquisition of flock behavior using neural networks and genetic algorithm