This page is tentative. Additional information might be provided.

The ALife2018 Organizing Committee invites art exhibitions in The 2018 Conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE 2018), which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on July 23rd-27th,2018.

Submission format:
– An abstract of the exhibition should be maximum 2 pages (not less than 1page) PDF file and can be in any format.
– A media file (movie/sound file, etc.) showing the content of the exhibition also should be submitted.
– All materials should be submitted by e-mail to
– A media file should be sent by specifying a link to it in an e-mail.

– Takashi Ikegami / General Chair of ALIFE 2018
– David OReilly / Filmmaker & Artist
– Victoria Vesna / Artist & Professor at the UCLA Department of Design
– Chris Salter / Concordia University Research Chair in New Media, Technology and the Senses
– Ryuta Aoki / Co-Director of ALIFE Lab.

Exhibition format:
– Accepted artworks will be presented by iPad at Miraikan.
– If we have space and the authors have money to transport, we can ask the best work to be presented at Miraikan.
(Because of the space limitation, we will exhibit 1-2 original artworks.)

Important dates:
– Submission: May 14th – June 24th
– Announcement: July 7th
– Ceremony: July 23rd-27th (not decided)

Any financial support from the ALIFE 2018 committee will NOT be provided for each exhibition.