Workshop (OEE3)

OEE3: The Third Workshop on Open-Ended Evolution

July 25th, full day, Innovation Hall

Organizers: Mark Bedau, Alastair Channon, Tim Taylor, Norman Packard, Steen Rasmussen and Takashi Ikegami


From the first experiments with digital evolution in the 1950s to the increasingly sophisticated simulations of the present day, the concept of open-ended evolution (OEE) has been a central concern for Artificial Life researchers. The goal of the OEE3 workshop is to build upon the outcomes of OEE1 and OEE2, in relation to progress on behavioral hallmarks of systems undergoing OEE, hypothesized requirements (mechanisms) for systems to undergo OEE, and empirical demonstrations of hallmarks or requirements of OEE in models or natural systems. Contributions are encouraged from all three of the major branches of ALife: simulation, wet, and robotic. All submissions should refer to the observable behavioral hallmarks listed in section 3 of the OEE1 Workshop Report [], published in the Artificial Life journal. Authors of selected contributions will be invited to expand their work for submission to a special issue of the Artificial Life journal.

Session 1 (10:30-12:00)
Introduction M. Bedau, A. Channon, T. Taylor
Evolved Open-Endedness, Not Open-Ended Evolution. H. H. Pattee, H. Sayama
Routes to Open-Endedness in Evolutionary Systems. T. Taylor
The Role of Embodiment in Open-Ended Evolution. J. Bongard, N. Cheney, Z. Mahoor, J. Powers

Session 2 (13:30-15:00)
The Boundedness Illusion: Projections from early evolution can underestimate evolutionary potential. M. J. Wiser, E. L. Dolson, A. Vostinar, R. E. Lenski, C. Ofria
Understanding Fraternal Transitions in Individuality. M. A. Moreno, C. Ofria
How Novelty is Created in a Web Service. T. Ikegami, M. Oka, Y. Hashimoto
Conditions for Major Transitions in Biological and Cultural Evolution (poster spotlight talk). P. D. Turney

Posters / demos / coffee break (15:00-15:30)

Session 3 (15:30-17:00)
Finding life in the shadows. D. H. Ackley, E. S. Ackley
Further Investigations into Indefinite Scalability in Geb. A. Channon
Detecting the on-going emergence of technological innovations. M. A. Bedau, N. Gigliotti, T. Janssen, A. Kosik, A. Nambiar, N. Packard
Possible Open-Ended Strategy Selection in League of Legends (poster spotlight talk). A. M. Adams

Posters / demos / coffee break (17:00-17:30)

Session 4 (17:30-19:00)
Cardinality Leap for Open-Ended Evolution: Theoretical Consideration and Demonstration by “Hash Chemistry”. H. Sayama
Two Modes of Evolution: Optimization and Expansion. S. Rasmussen and P. Sibani
General discussion and information about Artificial Life journal special issue on OEE led by M. Bedau, A. Channon, T. Taylor