Workshop (ROADAL)

ALife Roadmap Workshop

July 25th, full day

Organizers: Olaf Witkowski, Julien Hubert


In 2000, leading figures in Artificial Life wrote a seminal paper on the open problems in in the field. Despite providing multiple interesting paths to research, we feel that the ALife community does not act as a group trying to understand how life could be, but instead is composed of groups of individuals working on their own research niche. With the popularity of artificial intelligence, and the many labs and companies working on artificial living agents, we feel it is now the right time to ask again the questions “What are the successes of ALife since 2000, and where should it go in the future?”. The workshop will take a full day, divided into four sessions (Self-Organisation, Evolutionary Computation, Information Flows and Applications). Each session will address a particular aspect of ALife that will be introduced and discussed by a keynote speaker. Each session will lead to a discussion, with the authors of the most interesting ideas emerging from it considered for taking part in the writing of a new position paper about the future of Alife that will be published in the Artificial Life journal.