Special workshop, Earth, Life and Artificial Life, sponsored by ELSI

The Earth, Life and ALIFE

full day, 27th

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Nathaniel Virgo, Alexandra Penn, Matthew Egbert, Stuart Bartlett, Jim Cleaves.
The ALIFE 2018 conference presents a unique opportunity for ELSI — the Earth-Life Science Institute here in Tokyo — to engage with the broad community of Artificial Life researchers. By holding a workshop attached to this conference we can build new collaborative interactions between Artificial Life and the planetary sciences and life sciences.The theme for the workshop is that feedbacks and interactions between life and its environment are not only important but fundamental. We will draw our invited speakers from evolutionary biology, astrobiology and the Earth sciences, creating a workshop that focuses uniquely on the intersection between complex systems and these fields.The workshop will focus in particular on the search for general laws that drive the development of biological systems over deep evolutionary time. Particular topics of discussion include “from the origin to the future of life on Earth”, “beyond the anthropocene” and “Universal Ecology”.